Crozes Hermitage - 2015 White

I love white Burgundy, and I seek the same signature from my Crozes-Hermitage whites. The vine duo Marsanne (70%) and Rousanne (30%) allow me, while respecting the balance of the vintage, to play on the complementarities of the two grape varieties, extracting a wine with a structural balance, between freshness and the elegance of fruit.


After moderate pressing, yeast is not added to the must; I only ever use natural grape yeasts.Vinification in vats with temperatures not exceeding 18°C, in order not to extract too much richness and to get the equilibrium just right, balanced by preserved acidity.

This wine will not come into contact with wood. It is matured in vats for 6 months prior to bottling, for optimal conservation of freshness


Colour: golden colour with a green hue.

Nose: subtle aromas of white fruits, such as apples and peaches. With notes of citrus fruit and brioche

Palate: the wine is structured around a generous palate, full-bodied with elegant tension. Aromas of almonds, fresh hazelnuts and white fruit bring great freshness to the wine.


This is the ideal wine for generous cuisine: fillet of cod with white butter sauce served with buttered artichoke, creamy porcini mushrooms with shavings of foie-gras, fattened hen roast in its juice with a dash of baby spinach in cream.


May be enjoyed as of now or laid down for around 5 years.

Many thanks to Christophe SANTOS, professor of wine waiting at the Hermitage Hotel School, and to his students.

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